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King.KML provider


Fdo2Fdo is a FDO client application for copying FDO Data Sources. It is made of two parts one is a Fdo2Fdo API and another is windows application for GUI. Read more...

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FDO provider for KML ( Keyhole Markup Language )

King.KML  is Open Source FDO provider for KML.

King.KML can be used with MapGuide Open Source, MapGuide Enterprise, AutoCAD Map.

You are free to use it. download...

Flash Movie: Using Open Source King.KML provider with KML file, AutoCAD Map and MapGuide


Version 0.2.1 features (Updated Nov 2012):

  • Support for FDO 3.7
  • Support for FDO 3.4 and 3.5
  • added Delete command
  • improved Insert and Update commands
  • using libkml 1.2

Version 0.1.2 features:

  • Geometry write/update capability
Version 0.1.1 features:  
  • Support for MapGuide 2.0, AutoCAD MAP 3D 2009 ( FDO 3.3 )
  • Support for MapGuide 1.2,AutoCAD MAP 3D 2008 ( FDO 3.2.2 )

Testing Platform and versions:

  • MG OS 2.1, AutoCAD Map 2010,2011
  • MG OS 2.0, AutoCAD Map 2009
  • MG OS 1.2, AutoCAD Map 2008, Fdo2Fdo
  • FDO 3.3
  • FDO 3.2.2
  • Windows XP


If you are interested in provider ( testing, comments, development,..) please send email.

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